Learn to Soldier: Infantry Squad Responsibilities

Are you walking around not knowing what your job is?  That’s your fault.  Watch and learn.

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Pick up some Little Top Memorabilia for your hooch!

Here are some Little Top products for your and your partners. Want a custom item?  Just ask!
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What is it like in Iraq? Here is a look back at a normal day.

Do you wonder what it is like in Iraq?  Are you tired of explaining to loved ones?

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Break Break…. real world buddy needs help!

Here is a link to the Youcare page: http://bit.ly/2APSbUx This is a shout out to Chief Petty Officer Kenton Stacey. He was overseas and took a lick. Time for us to step up and be there for him and his family.

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Building community and support of all branches is our mission!

If you have spent any time in uniform you know that humor is a critical part of survival.  Little Top keeps things funny in a profession that can be very serious and deadly.  To all of you who have served or are currently serving, thank you for your service and please subscribe and follow.

Now carry the f**k on!


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